Anya Outline Heel

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From our United States Factory we have for you the Anya Outline Heel. We used Vintage yarn to create this elegant Full Fashioned Stocking with a Black Outlined European Heel and Black Back Seam! This Heel detail has not been in production since late 60's and is exclusively available for you here at Secrets In Lace! You will find all the detail you expect to see in a full fashioned stocking including the finishing hole, narrowing knitting marks and our own Secrets In Lace Welt Imprint. We did a limited production run so get yours quickly!

Secrets In Lace Full Fashioned Nylon Stockings are manufactured in one of the two company owned Secrets In Lace Factories on the same Reading machines used in the 1950's. These 15 denier nylon stockings are knit flat with Vintage Style nylon that has a beautiful hand to create a luxurious appearance on your legs. They are sewn together to create the nostalgic Backseam and finishing hole at the top of the stocking welt, finished with our super soft dye, hand steamed and then imprinted with the Secrets In Lace nostalgic welt imprint.

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