Welcome to our help site, where we will try and give an answer to the most common questions we often get.


1: Why can't I get your site to work on my PC, Tablet or smartphone ?

We constanly try to make our shop compatible with all possible browsers and ways of shopping with us.

We know that problems might occur and we want to appologize in advance if you have encountered such problems.

Please try to a few steps to solve your problems :

- clear the browsers cashe.

- try another browser.

- make sure that you type capital when needed upon login.


2: Why havn't I received an orderconfirmation ?

Please try and check you spamfilter and remember to allow mails coming from - info@secretsinlace.eu.


3: Why havn't I received my order yet ?

When we ship your order, an orderconfirmation will be mailed to you. 

The normal shipping time can vary from 2 - 5 days depending of what country you're living in. 

However, please understand this is an estimate. The shipping speed is outside our control and is dependent on the courier company.

Please NOTICE that we experience VERY LONG delivery times in some countries, - especially ITALY, GREECE, IRELAND and TURKEY.

You are welcome to write us, - but before you make a mail, please notice that the Postal Service needs at least 30 days before a complaint can be submitted from us.

That is unfortunantly the same with both Standard Shipping and Registered Shipping.

And please remember there is NO tracking with our Standard Shipping.


4: Can I use alternative shipping addresses, such as hotels, c/o, company and simular ?

The answer to this is yes, but it it solely up to yourself to make sure that it is deliverable.

We do not offer any refund or reshipping to this kind of addresses.

However, - if the shipment is returned to us by the postal service, we will of course grant a refund.


5: What is the return address to you and do I have to pay for the returns myself ?

Secrets In Lace v/ Zulution

C.Th.Zahles Vej 5

9210 Aalborg


We are sorry that we do NOT offer the return shipping back to us.

But we offer free shipping of the exchanged order :-)


6; Why can't I put the item in the basket ?

The item can only be put in basket when it's in stock or available for backorder.


7: Why is there a difference in colors even though they are the same ?

The actual color of our stockings may sometimes vary a little, even when you buy the same color. That is because of the dyeing process.

The color of our lingerie may change from different collections, which means, that for example a pink can be different pink shades.


8: How do I return items and what are the conditions ?

Like every other lingerie and stockings webshop we have a normal policy about the return of products.

Please find ours here.


9: Do you ship to USA ?

No, we do not ship to USA, - but if a style is out-of-stock in USA and we have it in stock. Then you can order it from us.

Please use the US Webshop here : www.secretsinlace.com

However, you can order from USA and use a shipping address in Europe. 


10: Why are the products not simular in price with the US Webshop ?

We strive to keep the same price here in EU as in USA for our products. We use the VAT for EU which is a bit more than in USA.

We also have to consider the currency conversion $ to € all the time, since our products comes from USA.

But please bare in mind, that it's still a better price you will get, than buying it from USA to Europe.


11: Why are the stockings so long when you unpack them ?

The stockings we sell are made of 100% nylon and it's almost a 'non-stretch' material. So it's perfectly normal that they are very long compared to your leg length. 

They will shorten up when you put them on.

Please remember we do not offer to exchange opened stockings due to it's delicate nature. Some experimentation may be necessary if you're new to 100% authentic nylon stockings.


12: What does a 'Backorder' mean ?

When you make an order where one or more of the items is a 'backorder' means, that it is not in stock here in Europe.

We will order it directly from USA, and usually this can take between 3 - 6 weeks, depending on availability, production and shipping time.


13: Shopping from USA on our site ?

We only allow shopping from USA when the style is out-of-stock on the .com shop. 

So be sure to check www.secretsinlace.com before you order for USA.


14: Is all styles you can order in stock ?

YES they are under normal circumstances. We can have some small faults in our inventory when we pack for you.

BUT we do NOT make DROPSHIPPING like many web shops tends to do, which means very long shipping times.


Please notice that we will update this section regularly !





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