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Dita's Diamond Backseam

Style 9570D

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Dita's Diamond Backseam

This is Dita's personal favorite for the Red Carpet! And it is no wonder with all the unique detail in this Diamond Backseam French Heel Full Fashioned Stocking. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word; it takes hours to produce the intricate detail of this exclusive stocking. The Black welt has a fine Ivory Picot around the top, the black foot and diamond backseam contrast with Beige or Grey leg made of 15 denier ultra sheer nylon - Add our super soft finish and Dita's world famous logo and you have a fully fashioned stocking like no other.

  • Colors : BEIGE
  • Sizes : P,S,M,L,O

Dita's Diamond Backseam

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