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Magnetic Gift Box

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Magnetic Gift Box

This gift box is made exclusively for Secrets in Lace with a magnetic closure. The box messures 31 x 21 x 6 cm and can contain up to 10 pairs of our Stockings, - depending of the model. It will contain almost all our Lingerie. Please consider the total size of your order, when you pick the giftbox. You can also choose to write us an mail, where you explain, what you would like in the box, should you choose to order more in the same shipment. If we don't receive any mails along with the order, we will always try to fit the whole order in the giftbox. When you add this box to your order we will pack the items in our black tissuepaper with a silk ribbon, - also made exclusively for Secrets in Lace.

  • Colors : Black with logo

Magnetic Gift Box

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